Water Temperature Sender

So from my last post, I mentioned that we would have to use a dedicated temp sender with the Dakota Digital Fan Controller. Initially this wasn't a huge issue, but turned out no one in Australia stocked the Dakota temp sender that is needed.

So started doing some research and found out that the Dakota temp senders are actually made by VDO. Using the basic specifications and photo found on Dakota's website, I started going through VDO's product catalogue and found a temp sender that seemed to be a direct replacement.

Part No.  323-801-009-003D
VDO Sender Catalogue

Had some trouble finding a shop that stocked that VDO temp sender, but finally found someone local in Brisbane. Would like to thank Greg from for all the help and awesome price =)

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  1. Hey Pham,

    Good to meet you today, glad I could help. I’d suggest you grab the imperial as it is half the price of the metric, and that’s a VDO USA thing for some unknown reason.

    Love the builds, always wanted a silver 200SX ( jealous! ) big fan of messing with cars, and as my first car was a regularly exploded RX2, I love the MX5 madness!

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