Wheel Spacers & Number Plates

Recently decided to order some wheel spacers, 5mm to be exact. Nothing crazy but they came up for cheap so I took the opportunity. They are made specifically for the MX-5 and are hub-centric too, sit perfectly flush against the hub with no play at all.

Just some photos of the spacer and how the car now sits.

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Visited MX-5 Plus today, like nearly every weekend, and picked up some offset number plate brackets. The standard number plate bracket is flimsy and often bashes against the front bumper, leaving behind scars/scratches. The MX-5 Plus bracket is thick as well as placing the number plate to the side, definitely over-engineered.

Richard unpacking the freshly laser-cut bracketsm, mmmmm tasty.

The bracket is all it's glory, plus hardware.

Original bracket removed, and the MX-5 Plus bracket installed. Mounts to the left tow-hook.

All done and looking good =)

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  1. Hey john firstly there looks to be a dint from the number plate due to someone driving the car too closely to something? Eg planter box, or wall in a car park due to the vertical indentation.
    Secondly the new number plate mount is that legal due to not being standard and so far offset and sticking outside the car boundaries.
    I know spacers are not legal in QLD but that law stems from idiots who get generic crap ons that move

  2. Yeah the original number plate bracket is real flimsy, so even a slight bump will press it against the plastic front bumper. Stupid stupid design, but shouldn’t happen anymore.

    The new mount is legal, and was designed by the engineer who wrote up the car modification legislation in QLD. His name is Richard and is the owner of MX-5 Plus.

    Spacers are illegal if not a factory option, but I’ve used bolt-on spacers in the past. In the S15 as well as a Suzuki Sierra that saw a lot of offroad action. As long as they are hub-centric and installed properly, shouldn’t ever see any problems. And yeah I hate those generic multi-fit spacers, so dodgy…

  3. Awesome build! Having fun going through this!

    Question about your 5mm spacers..without running extended studs…how many turns can you get on your wheels nuts (ps which wheels nuts you running).

  4. Thanks mate!

    I forget exactly how many turns, but it was enough turns according to the wheel spacer instructions. I will be getting extended studs in the future though, might go with 10mm spacers in the rear!

  5. Awesome build. Was going to put elcheapo spacers on (3mm) but I think yours are great. Where can I get them?

  6. Thanks mate!

    I purchased my spacers from a guy on a forum, but the package said it was from here:

    Just make sure you get the ones with the same bore etc…

  7. yeah that plate is legal. perpendicular to sides of car and readable from 45 degree side angle from both sides.

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