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Tyres finally arrived from TireRack in the US. Took a bit over a week because customs held it back for further inspections.... totally BALLS.

Quickly got them fitted up and installed on my MX-5 yesterday, first impressions were good but the alignment was all over the place. Had way too much toe and was crab walking all over the road. Turn-in was excellent though, steering is a bit heavier going from the 185 wide tyre to my new 225/45 Hankook R-S3 but still not too bad.

Today I got my alignment done at Rick's Wheel Alignments in Albion, I've been to these guys in the past and each time they have exceeded my expectations. Definitely recommend them =)

Aligned for mostly daily/hard parking with a bit of track work. Final alignment settings are:

  • Front
    • Camber : -3.0 degrees
    • Toe : ZERO
    • Caster : 5.0 degrees
  • Rear
    • Camber : -2.0 degrees
    • Toe : ZERO

The 15x8 +25mm wheels are a very safe fitment, I could probably do with a 10mm spacer on the rear and 5mm spacer on the front. Tyres used are Hankook R-S3 in 225/45 R15.

And just some preview shots before I get some real photos taken.

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