Wiring Harness

This weekend we tackled the wiring harness.

The MX-5's engine and body wiring is pretty much one single harness, a huge pain in the ass if you just want to remove the ECU and engine harness. While the harness was out we decided to remove all unnecessary wiring, doesn't have to be done but sure makes for a neater harness. Was a big task ahead of us...

Started off by removing any clips and disconnecting the harness, removing the after-market alarm/immobiliser, and then the blower/heater/air-con boxes.

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Once all the blower/heater/air-con stuff was out, the harness was starting to come out. Didn't take much longer until it was all out.

Splitting open the back harness to remove unwanted wiring, stuff like headrest speaker wiring and seatbelt sensors.

Un-taping the entire harness to remove ECU and engine wiring.

All ECU and engine wiring removed, also a photo of all the stuff that was removed.

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  1. Mate, Ive fitted a MX5 motor and gear box 1.8 into a 66 Triumph Spitfire, I want to run as few ecu bits as neccesary, can you help with a plan of wiring dia,??

    cheers HK

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