Automatic Windows – Testing


Sup everyone!

This project has been on the back burner for awhile, but finally ready for testing. Everything hasn't gone exactly to plan, so far the circuit only works with the factory switches and not my Centre Console Delete Kit.

The plan is to make a simple plug-and-play kit that allows both windows to go up/down automatically. I realise that the JDM NA8s came with automatic driver side window from factory, and I will be making kits available for single window applications as well as both windows.

Quick demo video here:

Ignore my slow windows, the sliders need a clean 😛

One click initiates automatic up/down, clicking the switch in opposite direction stops the automatic function. Holding the switch for 2secs overrides into manual mode.


This is the little circuit, will be cased up etc when done.


Testing in my car 🙂


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  1. I don’t suppose this could be adapted to work on NB1 window switches?

  2. Hey mate.

    Can definitely make it work with NB1, just unsure if I’m able to make a plug-and-play kit though.

  3. is thais something you’re selling or is it something for me to make? and how much?

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