G-String Bikini Top

Awesome post title ey?

I've been drooling over Project-G's bikini top ever since I bought my MX-5, was never sure how it would look in person with my "tall-boy" roll bar so I never ordered it. But I recently found an awesome deal that I couldn't pass up, I'm now in possession of a Project-G bikini top!

It's a black top with red-stitching and also came with a carry bag. I've sourced a front bow locally for little money so pretty happy overall =)


Some extra goodies that came with the bikini top. Always love stickers and free lollies 😀

The bikini top shown with the straps, center brace and carry bag.

Hopefully I'll look just as cool 😛

I also picked up some extra tools to make my life easier when I do my braided fuel lines. Just some aluminium spanners so the nice fittings don't get scratched and a hose cutter.

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