Hazard Switches Installation!


OK! I'm excited for my new Hazard Switches kit 🙂

Item can be purchased below, use the shopping cart if you're in Australia, or use the PayPal button below (and in the product description) if you're located outside of Australia. Prices are in Australian Dollars and shipping is built into the price.

Hazard Switches! (International Shipping Included!)


Now the first job before installing your new Hazard Switches is to remove the tombstone. I won't go into this step because there are dozens of tutorials that already exist online. The YouTube video below is pretty good.

This is how you'll receive the kit, comes with the "plug & play" harness, switches, panels and brand new sticker.


Take note of the labelled bags and the markings on the face plate and switches.


Install the switch marked "R" in the top position of the face plate, and switch marked "B" goes in the bottom position. Switch locations and orientation are marked on the back of the face plate.


Once the switches are in, you can go ahead and install the backing plate and carefully tighten the nuts until finger tight, making sure the switches and face plate are in position. Once the nuts are finger tight, grip the switch housing and rotate counter-clockwise to further tighten down the switches.


The connector labelled "R" plugs into the top position, and connector labelled "B" goes into the bottom switch.


And this connector plugs into the factory wiring.


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