ITB Build – Part 6

This is a going to be a big-ish update, lots of photos, so please click through to see the rest of the post.

I spent the last couple of days building my custom fuse/relay panel. I've been looking forward to this part of the build 😀

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I went to the local plastics engineering shop and got them to cut out a piece of polypropylene for me. This is what I used for the "panel" part, got it pretty thick to make sure it was sturdy and adequately insulated from the car body.

I laid down some masking tape and marked where the parts would go and where to drill.

The parts attached to panel and quickly test fitted in the foot well for clearance.

The injector and coil +12v cables were installed first.

Slowly more wires were added, still looking neat and organised for now...

The completed fuse/relay panel, it got a bit messy where the large terminal block is. The purple Deutsch connector at the bottom powers the injector and coil +12v and the braided cable go into a ECU connector for power and various outputs for fuel pump and fans etc...

A successful test fitting!

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  1. Amazing. Although, reading through the electrical side of your build makes my head hurt. Haha.

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