ITB Build – Part 7


Another slow week for me, didn't get to do much and haven't been able to start the engine harness because I'm waiting for some heatshrink to arrive.

So I got the engine wiring in and quickly laid it out, my spare head went on with the Toyota COPs so I can mock everything up.

The ECU side of the engine harness, blower motor back in and the AC bypass pipe.

The main power harness going back to the battery, there's multiple runs of cable because I've relocated all fusible links next to the battery. So the entire length of cables are protected, unlike the factory cables... pretty slack of Mazda.

This is the FD RX-7 fuse holder, works great and hangs right off the battery clamp.

Connected the steering column up so I could test out the body wiring. Headlights, indicators, retractors, brake lights, horns, wipers and water sprayers all worked perfectly first go!

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