ITB Clean & Paint

My ITBs were pretty dirty so I had them sent out to Chilton Engineering for some sand-blasting, got it all back today and they came out great! It was also recommended that I give the ITBs a coat of paint to keep them clean.

I picked up some VHT Primer Coat and Quick Coat in the aluminium finish, was considering painting them black but decided against it. Some clean silver aluminium will look spiffy in between the black adapter and velocity stacks.

Follow on after the break for my write-up and photos.

Fresh from the sand blaster, so clean. Had to mask the ITBs again to get it ready for paint. VHT Primer Coat and Quick Coat in aluminium finish.

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I was told a long time ago to always have spray cans dipped in hot water while you paint, apparently it gives a better spray or something. Don't know if it's true but it kind of makes sense.

Hanging out on the clothes line getting the primer coat sprayed on.

Primer coat all done!

Top aluminium coat lightly sprayed on, did a few "dusting" coats before I did a wet coat.

Top coats all done and left to dry.

All done!

Going to give it a week to completely dry before I start putting it all back together.

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