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So continuing on from my last post, I decided to make some slight changes to my ECU mount. Stronger and easier to print now.

(Printed in ABS plastic.)

A common cause for ignition timing related misfires when using an aftermarket ECU is the cam sensor connector, a simple solution is to pot the sensor. I printed out a little case to neaten up the potting. I initially used a damaged factory sensor, but ended up using an alternative sensor from a Hyundai and had to redesign the case.

(Printed in ABS plastic.)

Testing out a different velocity stack design. Larger diameter bell-mouth and they sort of overlap on each other. These were printed in eSun carbon-fibre reinforced nylon plastic. It is fuel/oil safe and heat resistant, properties are very similar to OEM engine bay plastics (glass fibre reinforced nylon).

My 3D printed radio delete with magnetic mounting and wireless charging for my Nexus 7 tablet! It will be running Shadow Dash for all my Megasquirt gauges and logging.

(Printed in ABS plastic.)

This next project was a huge success 🙂 I've always hated passing heavy gauge starter/alternator wiring through the firewall hole using a rubber grommet. So I modelled up the parts below to make a terminal bulkhead panel. Design goals were:

  • Easy to access
  • Removable cover for protection
  • Plenty of isolation to the body

(Printed in ABS plastic.)

Used my hydraulic lug crimper to make up the cables, the terminals in the cabin need some rubber boots too.

And for my next update...

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