Thought I would do a quick post about this great piece of software called MSDroid.

From their website:

"Android + MegaSquirt
msDroid is an application for Android smartphones and tablets being developed for use with the MegaSquirt® range of electronic fuel injection controllers. It aims to provide logging, fully customisable gauge dashboards, tuning, and graphical log viewing. This shall remain a completely free application. This application is presently in alpha development."

It has the ability to connect to your Megasquirt via Bluetooth or USB OTG. Your phone/tablet must have USB OTG support and you simply connect your existing USB-to-Serial RS232 adapter into your phone. USB OTG cables can be found on eBay for a couple of dollars.

Quick proof of concept below. I will be wiring in oil pressure and oil temp sensors soon. They will go directly into the Megasquirt's ADC inputs and I will be able to display them in MSDroid as well as data log. Cool thing about the MSDroid software is that it runs off the standard Tunerstudio INI files 😀

I did a quick guide on the Bluetooth module, link below.

Bluetooth x Megasquirt

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  1. Thanks for the nice comments 🙂

    Dave (one of MSDroid team)

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