Murdered Out

Decided I'm going to save up and get my head ported/machined as well as throwing in some billet cam shafts. So ITBs will be gathering more dust while I save up for the head work...

Most of the ITB bits... all billet aluminium and murdered out 😀

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  1. my head is gonna be sick! just talking to the guy about which cams to get now 😀

  2. should ask Dann 😉 lol If i were u id go shim under bucket. Saves u flicking the shim off with big lift cams at high rpm.. Might as well put some rods and high comp pistons in there and rev 8500 rpm 😀

  3. lol.

    well I’ve been talking to wozza1975 about probably sending my head to him to machine. so port job, larger valves, port matching with the ITB adpater and the billet cams. that’s all so far. Don’t think I’ll do bottom end until later, if ever.

  4. which shim under buckets did you use?

  5. i kept the stock shim onto of buckets because my cams are mild as fuck. So i think ur safe with about 9mm Lift but anything over that gets risky.. look here..

  6. what cams specs you running again? this is what warren says:

    “Cams for that would need to be around 270-280deg advertised duration, 225-230ish@50 and around .370-380″ lift, maybe a little more lift. They will work from 3000-7500ish.”

    so it’s about 9.3mm lift

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