MX-5 Plus Tall Boy & Sparco Sprint V

Bought my self some awesome presents,a MX-5 Plus Tall Boy roll bar and a Sparco Sprint V fixed back seat. I chose the Tall Boy roll bar because it sits 50mm taller than the standard version, bit safer and allows for taller seating positions if needed. The Sparco Sprint V is popular within the MX-5 community because it bolts up to the standard rails, but good because it actually fits inside the car!

There are more photos of the install after the break, but I was pretty slack with the camera this time round.

Read more after the break...

Some better photos when I got the roll bar home.

The hardware that came with the roll bar kit.

Carpet and plastic trims removed ready for the roll bar install - the supplied spacer for the top mount - roll bar installed!

Roll bar and seat installed =D

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  1. can you put the seat all the way back with this bar? im 6″2 and juuust fit with the stock seat all the way back..

  2. Seat can’t go all the way back unfortunately, I’m not tall so works fine for me.

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