Shock Tower Brace & Horns

We went by MX-5 Plus yesterday just to browse and I ended up buying a genuine Mazda shock tower brace (strut brace) and some horns to replace my stock ones. Instead of going with an after-market brace, Richard (owner of MX-5 Plus) recommended the factory option item as it actually works with the better mounting. Also found some klaxon TR99 horns which are rated at 110dB each, so my NA6 now has two of these instead of the tiny factory item.

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Quickly cleaned up the engine bay to get it ready and just polishing up my new shock tower brace. So shiny now =)

All mounted up nice and clean.

These are the klaxon TR99 horns, made in France and produce 110dB each. Strange that so many imports come over with these installed from Japan.

Comparing the size difference between the klaxon and the factory horn.

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