Braided Hose Spiral Wrap

Braided hoses will eat through anything it rubs against, wiring, plastic and even your chassis/body. So it was in my best interested to prevent any of that happening.

I dropped by Enzed this morning and picked up some of this spiral wrap stuff. It was recommended by someone on a forum, but I also asked the guy Enzed and he also recommended it. In addition, I'm using p-bracket hose clamps to clamp the hoses down to the chassis. Better to be safe then sorry I suppose...


Oil Cooler x Thermo Fan – Day 5

Had a pretty late start on the S15 today, earlier in the morning we went to the East Coast Customs garage sale to pick up some parts and didn't get back until about midday.

All the oil cooler parts have now been removed to be cleaned inside and out. I made some markings on the braided hose, and this is where I'll be installing some protective spiral wrap. It will protect the hose from rubbing against anything. Anyway some photos of the complete oil cooler setup.

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Oil Cooler x Thermo Fan – Day 4

Today I set out to install the oil cooler core plus make the rest of the braided hosing. I initially hated making braided hosing but I enjoy it now, got my technique down pat. Just wish I had some AN spanners to keep the fittings looking nice.

Before cutting your hose, wrap the cut area in electric tape. This keeps the metal braid from fraying and flying everywhere.

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Oil Cooler x Thermo Fan – Day 3

bleeehhhhh more uni and business stuff today so couldn't get much done today either =(

I picked up my intake manifold from Clifton Engineering, had them drill and tap a thread for the temp sender for me. I wanted the fan controller temp sender to be as close as possible to the stock senders.

Then I got back home and finished laying down the wires for the Defi sensors and fan controller temp sender. Was also able to make up ONE braided hose, going from the oil filter block to the relocator. Was my first time making a braided hose, and I did not enjoy it at all.