Centre Console Carpet

Was browsing build threads this morning and spotted someone doing a custom centre console carpet, looked cool so I decided to hack my spare parcel shelf carpet too.

I'm not sure if I want to get a shorty console yet, or just modify the current tombstone so it looks nicer. I'll also have to relocate the window switches.

I first used some cardboard to mock up a pattern.

I then transferred it onto an old pillow case to test out the fitment.

After I made a few adjustments to the pattern, I traced it onto the parcel shelf carpet and cut it out. If you're doing the same, make sure you place the pattern the correct side down.

Pretty happy how it's turned out, will pick up some Velcro (with the double sided tape) and attach it to certain spots so that the carpet sits nice and flat. I'm undecided whether I should get the the carpet edges "binded", might call an upholsterer for a quote.


Painting Engine Block

I felt I needed to work on my car this weekend, so I went out and purchased supplies to paint up my block and a few other parts. Nothing like wire wheeling and paint fumes on a Sunday arvo!

First up was to mask the deck and start removing parts from the block.

Prep work is important so I wire wheeled/brushed the old surface. Had to sand a few spots and than everything cleaned up with presol/wax grease remover.

Water pump removed, front of block and sump masked off. Did a few coats of primer.

Than the gloss black coats went on, still needs a few heat cycles to fully cure the paint.

All done!

Also spent some time painting one of the water outlets.

Pulled apart the alternator to paint. Wire brushed and cleaned with prepsol.

The finished parts!


COPs Bracket

Just some quick photos of the COPs Bracket installed on my engine, I gave it a quick coat of satin black enamel paint too. Came out great and really suits my painted valve cover.

Now with the COPs bolted onto the bracket.


ITB Build – Part 10

Update time! Head isn't finished yet so I've been doing a few odd jobs here and there.

One thing I did was start on the brake prop valve relocation. It's not necessary but does give me extra space for the velocity stacks, might be able to increase it's length later down the track too. So I picked up some angle aluminium plate for $5 and started cutting that up.

Cost me $5, pretty awesome deal I thought.

Measure twice, cut once. Came out exactly how I wanted, the prop valve will than be mounted just above the brake booster. I'll get someone to make the hard lines when engine is out.

Here is the capacitor used for the COPs install, it's needed because the battery is in the boot and can cause voltage drops when the coils fire. The capacitor helps by storing a reserve of power and eliminates any voltage drop. Well that's what I think it does =P

Terminated wiring for the AFR gauge, I used Deutsch connectors and braided sleeving.

Ordered these velocity stack booties from Outerwears, quality seems good but I'm not 100% sure they will provide enough filtering. So might experiment with some foam as well.


Car Parts Make Me Wet

^^ True story...

I've been working on a few small things on the car, but haven't completed any of the jobs so won't post up any photos. I have bought some new parts though =)

First up is a new lightened chrome-moly flywheel that weighs 4kg, which is less than half the weigh of the stock one. I actually had a few lightened 1.8L flywheels, but I didn't want to replace my clutch so sourced a 1.6L flywheel instead.

The drill-outs on the outer edge seem a bit weird, but makes sense that any weight on the outer edges would have a greater affect than weight closer to the center.

Next up is my Toda adjustable cam pulleys, these were sourced direct from Japan. They'll be dialed up with my billet camshafts by an engine builder.

The quality is amazing on these, glad I didn't cheap out on this part of the engine.

This is the intake cam pulley, it's slightly different from most other adjustable cam pulleys because it has the three little trigger knobs for the hall effect cam sensor. I believe this type of cam pulley is required for engines from 99 onwards?

The next part was also ordered direct from Japan, it's a KG Works stainless steel tombstone. It comes with the full face plate, hazard/retractor buttons, vent rings, HVAC face plate and gear surround.



More Parts & No Progress

Blehhh not much progress lately, BUT I have acquired some more bits for the build. Also been talking with a few guys who are also doing the same ITBs and we've found a few more issues with the T3 manifold... The issue is that the TPS is located towards the firewall and hits against the clutch master hard-line. This is not an issue for all the US guys who have the clutch master on the other side of the engine bay (LHD).

So that's the problem... there are possibly two ways to get around this.

So this is a solution that I'm going to test out, it involves taking 12mm off the end and machining the surface flat. So now I can use a banjo fitting that will let me clear the TPS.

The other solution is to use a braided hose like above, not sure if it'll clear the TPS though. Will figure it out when everything else goes into the car.

So when I installed my new KG Works cluster I forgot to mention that my gauge hood also cracked. Was a pain in the ass but I was able to find a brand new genuine replacement :D. Apparently it was the last one in Australia too! Mazda have more on back order I believe.

So it looks amazing! It does't have the shiny finish like my old one but has a more smooth matte look. Will install this later on when I get a new dash to replace my cracked one.

The next part I found is a duct that is used in cars that don't have air-conditioning from factory. Since I'm removing my AC this part is perfect so that I can remove the ENTIRE AC system and still have functional air/heater.

Wasn't able to get a brand new one but Richard at MX-5 Plus was able to hook me up with this used part. Would prefer a new one but this is pretty decent.


MX-5 Plus Tall Boy & Sparco Sprint V

Bought my self some awesome presents,a MX-5 Plus Tall Boy roll bar and a Sparco Sprint V fixed back seat. I chose the Tall Boy roll bar because it sits 50mm taller than the standard version, bit safer and allows for taller seating positions if needed. The Sparco Sprint V is popular within the MX-5 community because it bolts up to the standard rails, but good because it actually fits inside the car!

There are more photos of the install after the break, but I was pretty slack with the camera this time round.

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Some Presents =)

Did very well this week so I decided to get myself some presents. I've ordered a MX-5 Plus Roll Bar, single hoop version, and a rear lip. The roll bar I'm picking up this Saturday at MX-5 Plus and the rear lip is coming from the US so will take a bit longer to arrive.

MX-5 Plus Roll Bar, single hoop and CAMS approved.

R-Package style rear lip.


My New Engine… NB6

Bought my replacement engine on Saturday from MX-5 Plus, but instead of picking up a regular 1.6L B6 engine from a NA6 I purchased a 1.6L long engine from the NB6. In Japan, the NB series Roadster (MX-5) had the 1.6L engine up until 2005. The cast iron block is identical, but the head and intake are different. The hydraulic lash adjusters are replaced with solid lifters and cams have more lift. The CAS is no longer used and replaced with a cam position sensor and crank angle sensor. The NB6 also uses the crank-shaft nose/pulley/cog, water pump and oil pump from the 1.8L BP engine.

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Wheel Spacers & Number Plates

Recently decided to order some wheel spacers, 5mm to be exact. Nothing crazy but they came up for cheap so I took the opportunity. They are made specifically for the MX-5 and are hub-centric too, sit perfectly flush against the hub with no play at all.

Just some photos of the spacer and how the car now sits.

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