ITB Build – Part 14

Dropped my engine off last week at the Auto Xperts, they did an excellent job and degreed my cams to the recommend specs. Final adjustments will be made on the dyno.

Picked her up this morning and have been on it since than.

After the crank bolt was correctly torqued, I started on assembling the timing cover and ITBs.

Some close-ups of stuff.

Lightened flywheel and clutch going in.

Engine going back in 😀



ITB Build – Part 13


So big update! I finally got my built head 😀

Final specs:

  • 2001 NB6 head
  • Intake camshaft - 280deg 10.5mm lift
  • Exhaust camshaft - 270deg 9.4mm lift
  • Solid lifters
  • Oversized valves
  • Stronger valve springs
  • Fully reconditioned
  • Extensive porting, de-shrouding etc...
  • Port matched

Intake camshaft is a custom billet profile, and the exhaust is a custom regrind.

Haven't had too much time to work on it, but things will move fast next week.

I bolted the intake gasket to the manifold and port matched it using my Dremel, nothing too exciting 😛


Nearly There!

Last post until I'm in Japan, leaving in a few days =)

Just some quick photos on the progress of my cylinder head, all nearly done just getting a few extra things machined.

More progress on the inlet side, bit more work needed around the valve guides.

The combustion chamber and areas around the valve seats cleaned up.

New oversized valves fitted!

The port mismatch between head and manifold, painted area shows what needs to be removed.


Head Update

A quick update from Warren @ Warren Heath Performance.

De-shrouding begins, and valve seats about to be cut.

Warren also ported the T3 manifold for better flow, you can see the side to side comparisons. Looks so much better and very happy how this turned out.


Head Job

Warren @ Warren Heath Performance recently received my cylinder head and has started porting work already! Some photo updates are below, make sure to visit his page and check out his work.