Goodbye Bob Maxell… =(

It's a very sad day for me. After putting my S15 up for sale on CarSales, it finally sold after three weeks. The new owner has taken Bob Maxell away and all I feel is sadness =(, I call it Bob Maxell because of the number plates 808 MXL!

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Although I put a lot of work into my S15, I decided it was time to buy an RX-7 (Series 8 FD3S) and it would be just too irresponsible to own three cars. So the S15 had to go to make way for my future car. Being a rotary, I just know that I will be working/fixing it non-stop. Will make for some enjoyable blog posts =)


Blits Bonnet Test Fitment

Long time since an update, but here are some photos of the Blits vented bonnet being test fitted.

Was a bit worried at first about how easy it'll fit, fortunately it was easy as and everything sat real nice.


Beatrush Cooling Panel + New Semi Slicks

Not much of an update, but just picked up some new semi-slicks for the rear. They used to be Kumho KU36 which have lasted me 15000Kms, not too bad! This time around I decided to try the Federal 595 RS-R on the rear, will post impressions after the next track day.

Used up Kumho KU36 replaced with new Federal 595 RS-R semi-slicks.

I also ordered a Beatrush Radiator Cooling panel. Just like the Beatrush under-body panel I have, the build quality is amazing! Haven't installed it yet, but I took some test fitting photos to share. Fitment is perfect =)

Update - finished installing.


Blits Vented Bonnet

About a month ago, I decided I'd like to experiment with the effects of a vented bonnet. After many hours of researching I decided to go with a Blits vented bonnet. I wanted something strong and street legal, this meant it had to be fibre glass instead of carbon fibre, rigidity was important so that bonnet pins weren't required.

Some theory of vented bonnets here:

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Sneak Peak

Just picked up my custom made Blits vented bonnet today. Build quality is very good, and it's Transport Department approved for road use.

Will test fit and get it painted when I get back from Sydney.


She’s Back!!

For the past week I've been working hard on the S15 to try get it ready for a road trip down to WTAC in Sydney. Turned out I had a leaky head gasket so the head had to come off, was a scary and fun experience... Very glad it's all over now =)

Previous posts are below -

In the last 24-hours I've driven 500kms and plan to bring that up to 600kms tonight. Everything looks good and there are no leaks. Once I finish my 600kms, the rocker cover and cam shafts are coming out so I can re-torque the head studs. Just a little extra work to ensure my head won't lift on high boost.

Took some extra photos while I was finishing up yesterday.

ALL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!


Engine Head Assembly

So last couple of days I started to re-assemble my engine with some help from friends.  Not bad timing since I was due for my 5000km service anyway =)

Since I had to replace my gasket, I decided to spend a little extra and went with a Tomei 1.2mm head gasket and ARP head studs. A good upgrade because the factory gasket and head bolts don't like running high boost. So now I can run higher boost! Exciting for me.

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Some Testing at Lakeside

Last Sunday, I headed out to Lakeside Raceway with some friends for Happy Laps. These are great events as it only costs $20 and gives you 30mins of track time and a hot breakfast!

I took this opportunity to test out the cooling system in it's current state. So in the 30mins of laps, I was hard on the throttle and constantly on boost. Aim was to push the heat as high as possible =)

  • Water Temperature -  temps stayed between 81-85°C the whole time, the water reached 85 at the end of the main straight and the thermo fans kick on to drop it to 81°C by the next two corners.
  • Oil Temperature - temps initially were around 85°C but then peaked at 90°C and stayed there the whole time.

Pretty good results so far, especially when you consider the standard cooling system was reaching 95-96°C on the track at the last event.

Was an awesome morning, hope to get out again soon to test out the vented bonnet =)


Thermostat Comparison

Over the last couple of weeks I've had the chance to test out three different thermostats in my S15, genuine and after-market. They all have pros and cons, all of it really depending on the cooling system as well as main use of the car.

The three thermostats I have tested are:

  • Nissan 76.5°C
  • Nismo 62.5°C
  • Tridon High Flow 76.5°C

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Aerodynamics of Engine Cooling – Part 2

Updates 13/07/2011 - further testing/observations
Updates 14/07/2011 - bad news

You will have probably seen the under-bodies of many supercars, and noticed that some of them are very flat. Wind tunnel data has shown that the under-body makes up to 30% of the vehicle's total drag, which is why engineers try to reduce the drag as much as possible so that air flow is fast moving and therefore low pressure. This low pressure acts a sucking force and increases overall downforce, even more so when a rear diffuser and front splitters are used. In fact, many race series ban the use of flat under-bodies because it is so effective at increasing downforce and not introducing much drag.

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