Thermo Fan Controllers

Had a rough few days tweaking the Dakota Fan Controller, just didn't want to run correctly.

The Dakota has the ability to use any temp sender, including the stock ECU sender, unfortunately the Dakota didn't want to work with the Nissan one. So I had to install a dedicated sender, thought this would make everything work smoothly but I was very wrong...

What was happening was that the Dakota was too sensitive and picking up slight temperature fluctuations. For example, my PowerFC would show a readying of 80-82C and the Dakota was showing 80-88C. Strangely, this didn't show up when testing the senders externally from the engine. Because the Dakota temp sender is physically small, it heats up and cools down very easily. So in an enviroment with high water flow and slight temp fluctuations, the Dakota was cycling the fans on and off randomly. Not something you want...

After numerous emails with Dakota, we weren't able to find a solution. Which is a shame because it's such a good product! I decided to move on and try find another dedicated fan controller, but there was nothing out there that could use the Nissan sender as well as control the fans they way I wanted.

Then I came across DIY kit sold at JayCar:

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Oil Cooler x Thermo Fan – Day 8

It's all done!!

After cleaning up the engine bay, I spent most of Tuesday night putting everything back together. Was a pain in the ass and I scraped the shit out of hands and arms, sooooo many sharp edges along castings and hose clamps.

The end of Tuesday night.

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Oil Cooler x Thermo Fan – Day 7

A productive day today, bought more supplies and got to work on the thermo fan wiring.

All pretty straight forward wiring up the fans, but will do a indepth build log for the thermo fans in the next couple of weeks.

In the mean time you can read some technical details here -

I wanted to install all the relays and fuse into the factory relay box, so I went to the local wreckers to buy some Nissan relay sockets. These are great because they click into the relay box, very neat looking. I also picked up some Ford relays since they were rated for the fans.

Wiring the socket up.

Test fitting the relays into the socket.

All done!


Oil Cooler x Thermo Fan – Day 5

Had a pretty late start on the S15 today, earlier in the morning we went to the East Coast Customs garage sale to pick up some parts and didn't get back until about midday.

All the oil cooler parts have now been removed to be cleaned inside and out. I made some markings on the braided hose, and this is where I'll be installing some protective spiral wrap. It will protect the hose from rubbing against anything. Anyway some photos of the complete oil cooler setup.

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Oil Cooler x Thermo Fan – Day 3

bleeehhhhh more uni and business stuff today so couldn't get much done today either =(

I picked up my intake manifold from Clifton Engineering, had them drill and tap a thread for the temp sender for me. I wanted the fan controller temp sender to be as close as possible to the stock senders.

Then I got back home and finished laying down the wires for the Defi sensors and fan controller temp sender. Was also able to make up ONE braided hose, going from the oil filter block to the relocator. Was my first time making a braided hose, and I did not enjoy it at all.


Oil Cooler x Thermo Fan – Day 1

Beautiful day today, so had a mate over and started pulling apart the S15 =)

The front bar is being removed so I can mount the oil cooler in the corner under the headlights. Radiator is being removed so that the new Falcon AU thermo fans can be installed. The intake manifold is being removed because I want the temp sender for the Dakota Digital fan controller to be in the same spot as the factory temp sender. The intake manifold being off also makes it a lot easier to install the oil filter block. More info these parts in my next post.

Jacked the car up and drained all the coolant out of the system.

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