ITB Build – Part 6

This is a going to be a big-ish update, lots of photos, so please click through to see the rest of the post.

I spent the last couple of days building my custom fuse/relay panel. I've been looking forward to this part of the build 😀

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ITB Build – Part 2

Some more progress today 😀

Had a friend come over to help strip out the interior since my cracked dash and ripped carpet will be getting replaced. Also makes it easier to get out the old wiring harness. Enjoy the madness below, sorry for the lack of photos.

Seats and center console out.

Steering column dropped and dash completely out.

Everything nearly out, just need some more free time to get the wiring harness out.


Engine Harness & Wiring Parts

So a few weeks back I started working on the ECU/engine harness, this was re-using old connectors and terminals. Was never happy about re-using those parts...

How it was with the re-used parts.

Fortunately I was able to find the part numbers for new parts, all sourced locally from RS Components too! All parts are manufactured by Tyco/AMP and the part numbers are below:

I also found a very good source for automotive wiring in Brisbane, the company is CECA and located in Geebung. They stock Tycab's full range of automotive cabling.

All new connectors and terminals!

Also started on my Deutsch connectors, love these things!

All terminated... this connector is used for all coil and injector +12V wires.

As a precaution, I also did continuity checks for every wire and terminal used.

These are the parts I picked up to do my dedicated fuse/relay panel. Includes terminal bar, bus bar, fuse block and a relay block.

On the left are the brand new terminals I used, and the right is the FD RX-7 battery fuse block. This is where I'll be relocating all my main fusible links, sits on the positive side battery clamp.


Wiring Update

Small update... some wiring parts arrived and picked up a white board to help me scribble down wiring stuff. It's been pretty handy 😀

According to the MegaSquirt manual, it's a pretty good idea to shield the TPS and trigger wires. So have been on the search for a flexible 2-core shielded cable, ended up deciding on a microphone cable from JayCar (part no. WB1530).

Terminated the shielding into it's own BLACK wire, this will grounded at the ECU end and left floating on the sensor end. The BLUE wire will be used for sensor return and the WHITE for sensor ground. The +5V/+12V wire will be run externally to the shield.

My awesome PURPLE (and grey) Deutsch connectors, all solid terminals too.

This is the relay block I'll be using, it's all modular so you can expand if needed.


Custom Wiring Harness – Part 2

Over the last couple of days I finished off the main body harness, it's basically just wiring for the exterior lights and all in-cabin stuff plus fuses. It started out as a big mess but I think I did a pretty decent job in cleaning it up, also was able to relocate the engine bay fuse box to under the dash.

Another thing I did was remove all the stupid tape Mazda used on "wire splits" and replaced it with heat-shrink, I HATE TAPE!

I used zip ties instead of tape to bundle the wiring harness, all engine bay wiring will have convoluted tubing to protect it from stuff.

Removing the stupid tape and replacing it with heat-shrink.

Main body harness completed, now to start on the power and engine harness...


Wiring Harness

This weekend we tackled the wiring harness.

The MX-5's engine and body wiring is pretty much one single harness, a huge pain in the ass if you just want to remove the ECU and engine harness. While the harness was out we decided to remove all unnecessary wiring, doesn't have to be done but sure makes for a neater harness. Was a big task ahead of us...

Started off by removing any clips and disconnecting the harness, removing the after-market alarm/immobiliser, and then the blower/heater/air-con boxes.

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