That’s not a mod.


New update time.

First off, I won the "People's Choice" Award at the 2016 All Japanese Day. So happy!


A few small updates to the interior.


Push button start installed in the factory cigarette port, Jass Performance shifter boot, and my new Hazard Switch Kit.


This was a custom turned part my friend made for me. It's pretty much a quick connect fitting into a barb adapter. And it's used for my temporary idling setup.


Had this piece laser cut out of aluminium to mount the modification and build plates.


I also managed to install the Pipercross C604D air filter. The adapter plate was a custom one and the filter is offset towards the front of the car by 10mm, this was done to clear the clutch master cylinder and reservoir.


And there's very little clearance, so I need to find a more compact clutch master and reservoir solution soon.


I've had side skirts on my car in the past, but I removed them because they always seems to go wavey after awhile. This was using the skirts made from ABS plastic, but I'm pretty sure the polyurethane ones will do the same. Fibreglass ones should never go wavey, but the fibreglass ones I bought ages ago were wavey out of the box. It seemed like they were moulded off a set of wavey ABS ones.

So these are some new ABS plastic ones, but modified. I had some aluminium sheet (1.5mm thick) laser cut, and folded one side to give it some rigidity. I then wire brushed both surfaces to roughen it up, and a polyurethane based adhesive was used to hold them together. Lots of clamping...

Hopefully they'll hold up, will update how it goes after summer!


Side skirts installed!



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  1. How’d they last after summer? Are these the skirts for sale in your store?

  2. They have lasted through summer but unfortunately I don’t sell these.

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