The Half Cut Has Landed!

It's been nearly four months since any progress has been made on the MX-5 builds. Has been way too long... luckily Duy has picked up the NA8 half cut from MX-5 Plus.

The silver MX-5 will be converted back to a standard NA8 using this half cut. The black shell will be receiving the SR20DET and all the other JDM goodies =)

Duy purchased the red half cut, and Richard just removing a few parts we don't need.

Richard using his fork lift skills to load the half cut onto our tow truck. Same tow truck as the one we used to pick up the black shell from Sydney =)

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MX-5 Plus recently received a huge shipment of parts from Japland. The place is packed with shells, half cuts, rear cradles, wheels, and engine/gearbox. What an awesome place!

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