The New Daily!

So this is the new "daily"!

Will be good not being defected by the police (for now).

It's a 1994 EG5 with a D16Y, so SOHC VTEC 1.6L. It's got an automatic transmission, full electrics, AC, PS and sunroof. Paint isn't the greatest but the body and chassis are straight. It'll serve as my daily while the MX-5 goes under the knife again, swapping the bottom end, engine bay respray etc...

Once the MX-5 is back on the road I'll set up a "spray booth" at home, this will give me a chance to learn how to surface prep and respray on the Civic. If I get that down pat, the MX-5 will get a respray 🙂

And after all that, I'll be doing a K24 K-Swap into the Civic! So that's why I don't care about it currently being an automatic D16 😛

Pretty isn't she? 😀

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