WTAC Road Trip Update


Hey everyone!

Long time no speak, been too busy driving/tuning/enjoying the car. It's easy to get caught up in all the fun and forget to update the blog 😀 . In all honesty, there hasn't been much to post about. I did however just do a road trip down to Sydney for WTAC 2013.

I really enjoyed the 900km each way drive, the seats were surprisingly comfortable. But with no AC, windows down and sitting my 4100RPM, we were slightly deaf from the ITB noise!

I'll post photos I took with my DSLR soon, but here are few I've collected in the last week. Photos were taken by various friends and props to them for the amazing shots.

More photos after the break!

Half-way through our drive down, the MX-5 was having some misfiring issues. It would lose RPM sync for a fraction of a second randomly. I packed spare cam and crank sensors but replacing them didn't do much, even bought a brand new one once we arrived in Sydney. But the problem turned out to be a bad plug, the one that plugs into the front cam sensor.

We arrived in Sydney a couple days early so stopped by at Zen Garage for a quick visit and chill. Photos taken by Sergio.

Excuse my camera phone photos 😛

Now some photos from WTAC of my car, these ones directly below were off my phone.

Some photos from friends.

Photos below are from BioHazard/Jacob, checkout the rest of this set here:

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  1. Splendid shots man! Would’ve been a great road trip. Was the crank sensor fault hard to find?

  2. Thanks man! Love doing the Sydney drive, so many good memories fro every trip. You know what I mean hahaha!

    Yeah cam/crank sensor faults are quite easy to find when using an aftermarket ECU like the Megasquirt. It logs a lot of data and tells you what’s losing sync.

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